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Egor Tolstoy

Egor Tolstoy

Product manager @ Kotlin

I lead the Kotlin product management team in JetBrains, host the popular tech podcast Podlodka and organize tech conferences.

Why code autocompletion works faster on weekends

Working on a programming language is fun, especially when you're its product manager! To make the developer experience great and the language popular, you have to deal with a variety of questions without easy answers every day:

  • Why does code autocompletion work faster on weekends than on workdays?
  • How to help developers make fewer errors in interpreting 1..10?
  • Why there are so many developers who use the language only once and never return?
  • What exactly is hard for newcomers in the memory management system?
  • What features to work on when your users and use cases are so different?

I'll share a few cases from my routine as a programming language product manager. Besides fun facts and quizzes, I'm going to share some helpful product management instruments and tips.

My talk will be especially useful for those who create products for other developers: tools or libraries. It will provide a sneak peek at how programming languages are made for everyone else.