Nikita Koval | KotlinConf 2024, May 22–24, Copenhagen
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Nikita Koval

Nikita Koval

Researcher at JetBrains

Nikita is a researcher in the Kotlin team at JetBrains and works on a PhD in the field of concurrency at the same time. His primary research interests are concurrent data structures and algorithms, their verification, and practically applicable code analysis. Here you can find all the recent information about me and my projects.

Channels in Kotlin Coroutines

Have you ever wondered how channels in Kotlin coroutines work under the hood? Recently, we redesigned their implementation, significantly improving performance and memory footprint. This talk will introduce the high-level design of the underlying algorithms. You will learn the semantics of rendezvous and buffered channels, how they are implemented, and what influenced this implementation.